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We are pleased to introduce you the other members of the Iceberg family

Juniper berries and cracked pepper form the base of this centuries old recipe, but hints of citrus and other mystiques ignite a crispness that is unmatched. The most naturally pure water on the planet comes from North Atlantic Icebergs, knowing that we combined that with the essentials of our secret recipe of overproof Gin to combine for a sweet, aromatic and pleasurable spirit only to be indulged by true enthusiasts of this deliberate potion. Gin has been enjoyed for centuries, now enjoy in the way it was meant to be, like a smooth and smoldering escape for the senses.

In the heat that swelters through Guyana…the centuries old Demerara Rum Plantation is found. This is where sugar cane is coerced in to giving up all its sweet secrets to make the world’s finest rums. The makers of Iceberg Vodka have tapped in to these riches and once the warmth of South meets the chill of North, something special happens. Qualities in both the ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ are combined with a tender wisp of vanilla. This recipe instills an uniqueness to this rum, but still holding true to the way rum is intended to be. Iceberg Silver Rum uses a special selection of aged blended rus to increase the smoothness and flavor. Once mixed with the natural purity of iceberg water it is a taste sensation that is unequalled. So, enjoy the slow heat and crisp cool, let it saunter in and envelop you in all that is sweet and sinful…

In the South, life slows down; no rush, no hurry, no worries. Enjoying life and taking it all in what it’s all about. At Iceberg Vodka, we followed those life lessons to make our ICEBERG GOLD RUM. We were deliberate in choosing the best blended rum stock in the world. The Demerara Rum Plantation puts its finest Guyanese rum aboard a ship setting sail for the Great White North. Once in the hands of our master blenders, the sweet subtleness of molasses is brought out to bring the spirit of the Caribbean home. Pure Iceberg water is then mixed in to create a taste and flavor that lingers and soothes. It’s the little things in life that make a difference…