Iceberg Water
Iceberg Vodka

The alcohol

Theoretically, vodka can be made from almost any fermentable organic material – from whey to molasses. The base alcohol of Iceberg Vodka, however, exists solely of four times (4 column) distilled alcohol from Ontario Sweet Corn, a special type of corn which comes to perfection only in the Canadian climate.To bring a sense of elegant restraint to the corn, we think four is the optimal number. The alcohol is shipped by tanker from Ontario Canada to Newfoundland Canada at 96.7% alcohol by volume. The alcohol is considered GMO free.

The water

With vodka, the purer the water, the better the taste. Iceberg water is the cleanest water on earth: protected as solid ice for 12,000 years, it is 7,000 times purer than tap water and the only one suitable for our very picky standards. It has the lowest mineral content of any water, resulting in a noticeably smooth and neutral taste. All iceberg water is routinely laboratory checked and further bacteriological analysis is done by independent laboratories before continuing the blending process.

Premium vodka

Calcium CA




Sodium Na


Sulphate SO4


Nitrate NO3


Chloride Cl

Iceberg water

The blending

The 96.7% alcohol is transferred from a 20.000 liter shipping tank into a 50.000 liter blending tank. The alcohol is run through a basic charcoal pad filter to remove any contamination. Then 30.000 liters of Iceberg water is added. The water is prefiltered from 15 microns to 5 microns before blending.


The total blend of 50.000 liters is slowly blended over 3 days. One scoop of charcoal powder is added to the blend initially, but no other additives such as glycerin are added. After 3 days the batch is tested and tasted for quality band flavor.

The bottling

The 3 day old blend is run through a series of charcoal pads for added polishing. In conclusion the vodka is four times distilled and 7 times filtered before it is bottled in our unique supreme white edition bottles with distinctive ice-scalloped edge. The end result is a remarkably smooth and unique premium vodka.


Our purity is certified because of a 100% control of every single batch by the laboratory of the Newfoundland Liquor Board.