Iceberg Vodka
Iceberg Vodka


We Care For Nature

Just like coal, oil and gas, water is a vital source that is in the process of disappearing. Local springs and other drinking water sources are dehydrating more and more throughout the years. By following the traditions of the local population, we see it as our duty to harvest a small part of the detached icebergs to give a new destination to this beautifully pure water. It is clear that Iceberg Vodka cares for nature. We should use what Mother Nature has given us, before it melts away in the salty ocean.

The Harvesting Of Icebergs Is Being Monitored By The Canadian Government

License To Harvest

Iceberg Vodka is the only company with an active license to harvest a tiny fraction of the in total 1500 icebergs which are passing by each year.

Natural Melting

The harvested ice melts at a natural ambient. It might take a little longer, but no extra energy sources are being used.

Bottled At Source

Iceberg Vodka is bottled at source, in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. This reduces the amount of transportation and supports the local population by offering employment opportunities.



















Recycled Material

The Iceberg Vodka glass bottles are made to be recycled. We pack our bottles per 6 pieces in a carton, made of recycled paper.

Controlled Transport

Iceberg Vodka always searches for the best ways of transport, to influence the impact on nature as less as possible and works with parties who are environmental conscious.

Combined Shipments

We combine our (sea)shipments to avoid unused space at trucks and / or containers.