Premium Vodka
Premium Vodka
Iceberg Vodka

The Vodka

A Perfect Combination Of Ingredients

Iceberg Vodka is the most pristine vodka on earth, made of 100% pure iceberg water from the arctic, which was formed by the accumulation of snow thousands of years ago. The water has the lowest mineral content of any water, resulting in a noticeably smooth and neutral taste. It is 7,000 times purer than tap water and the only one suitable for our very picky standards.

It is blended with Ontario Sweet Corn, a special type of corn which comes to perfection only in the Canadian climate. The corn’s natural sweetness gives Iceberg Vodka a soft and light sweet taste. To reach the optimum quality, it is four times distilled. The combination of these unique ingredients makes Iceberg Vodka a pure premium vodka.

Premium Vodka

We deliver Iceberg Vodka to you personally,
to preserve its purity and conclude its epic journey.

Iceberg Vodka is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union of New York