Iceberg Water

The Source Of Iceberg

A Unique Gift Of Mother Nature

Iceberg Vodka has the most unique base ingredient; 12.000 years old iceberg water from the arctic. Thousands of years ago in the arctic, vast quantities of snow froze and compacted into enormous glacial walls. This water is pure and pristine, free of mineral impurities and modern pollutants, preserving truly untouched water for centuries to come.


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Because of their heavy weight, the glaciers slide into the sea at a speed of 7 kilometers per year. On reaching the sea, the front edge is no longer supported by the land and parts of this immense glacier finally break down and drop into the sea to become ‘icebergs’. After the ice naturally detaches from the arctic shelf, it migrates southwards along the Canadian coastline for up to seven years.

During their trip down south, the icebergs slowly enter a warmer environment, and they start melting. By the time they arrive at Newfoundland, a significant part of the iceberg has melted away. The ice that remains turns out is between 12.000 to 15.000 years old. It is here that Iceberg Vodka follows local traditions and undertakes a delicate harvesting process, under license from the Canadian government.

The water is being released from the icebergs and the natural purity within is captured before this pristine gift is lost to the ocean. For generations, locals have believed that in the cleansing attributes of the water and have themselves harvested the icebergs for their healing properties.








“Iceberg Vodka is a natural product, only available when nature decides it is ready and at the quantities nature dictates.”



We deliver Iceberg Vodka to you personally,
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